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Horse Isle Addition: Ranch Prices, Member Ranchfire


I am on a quest to find the cheapest place to buy a ranch! We're talking 300k! Yeahhhh!

(k means thousand, mil means million)

I've decided to start my quest on Cat Isle.

I look all around, but there are none to be found. I ask over global.

RanchFire: are there any ranches on cat isle?
ReneStar: Ranch no there are no ranches on any other isles other than tail and horse
Ranchfire:Really?!? How surprising!

Well Now I feel stupid. I travel back to horse isle.

I walk only a few horse trots away from the dock and voila! Three ranches. One is 2 mil, The second is 2 mil, and, you guessed it, the third is 2 mil. What a bummer.

I trot onward for only a second until I reach two owned ranches and a few unowned. 1 mil, 2 mil, 2mil, 1 mil, sighhh, but wait, a 750k ranch! I nearly blow with excitement at anything out of the millions. I've heard that the cheapest ones are on tail isle, but I'm out to see if that's not true!

I spot a big clump, all of them 1 mil. I don't get it. Why buy a 1 mil ranch when there are 500k ranches out there? It makes no sense. But as they say in real estate "Location Location Location!"

With a real estate agent's outlook, I trudge on, sadly lifting each foot, gagging as I go through
1 mil 2 mil and beyond until, out of the blue, a 600k ranch! Hot dog, I'm so proud of my self. I practically happy dance right on top of my ASH! Heh heh. It had a great location, too! Sad to be leaving a great, great ranch, I keep going, a spring in my step.
I hit a few 950k, 1 mil,900k, and more. It's so dumb the way their prices are so far off but they are close together! So very odd. Then, nestled into a cozy Raspberry bush, I find a 600k. I have a brighter outlook of this isle now! It's in a nice neighborhood, tightly packed with rich players. I'm very satisfied. two are for sale. The location here in the Earton Area is great! Oh but wait, I've walked all the way to Appleton! so I mean the APPLETON area is very scenic and nice, and I'd recommend it for the play that likes a view.

After a short detour through Appleton I walk a bit until I arrive in scenic Sunshine meadows. I walk a little and SHABANG! A 600k ranch. I think I've done enough here. The cheapest ranch on Horse Isle, famous for it's scenic views, is 600,000. Case closed.

Now for Tail Isle.


By Enilorac


Anonymous said...

thats not true! i got my ranch on tail for 500k. i guess u didnt look hard enough.

Anonymous said...

hi umm i was on horse isle ding the lost emerald necklace quest and i found a clue that said to the orchards next to hotton the they mean the orange orchards

Latisha said...

Well written article.

Anonymous said...

What a horrible written article. -eyeroll- I think it's pretty obvious that there are only ranches on Tail, Horse, and Starfish Isle. The cheapest ranch is 500k and the most expensive ranch is 2mil. Horse, Tail, and Starfish ALL have 500k ranches.

Anonymous said...

on starfish isle you can get them for like 400k

Anonymous said...

Urgh, this is so not true. I got my ranch for 500k on starfish. You're obviously not looking hard enough. Try a little harder next time, mkay?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I thought the lowest priced ranch on the main isle was 600k.. am I wrong?

Calvin Brock said...

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