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Quest: Loyada's Necklace

Talk to Loyada in Sandy Meadows of Desert Isle. She'll send you to Nolan in Flipperton to find her necklace. Once you talk to him, he'll tell you to bother Fin, his neighbor. You'll have to dig up Fin's anchor from behind the General Store before Nolan will talk to you. (You completed Fin's Quest! You earned $2000 and 50 quest points!) He'll tell you to come back later, so just talk to him again. Nolan has suggested you look for the deserted shack on Hoof Isle for a treasure map.

Go to Hoof Isle. Go to the shack, and use your magnifying glass.
Peer through your magnifying glass, you brush away the dust and find a tattered piece of map!
You found an old map. Looking at it, you see a tiny "x" with a notation that looks like "inn" near where Wington is.

Dig here, above the Wington Inn. Carefully digging where the little 'x' marks the spot on your map, you find a piece of wood. On it are the words, 'Check in front of the fountain in Flipperton.'
You found a clue!

Dig in front of the fountain in Flipperton. Digging up the grass carefully, you uncover another piece of wood. 'Go to the gazebo in Shellton.'
You found a clue!

The Gazebo is the green, dome-like building that looks like it was made from plants underneath the playground. Go into it, and search. Glancing up, you notice some strange markings on one of the beams. Why, it looks like an orchard. 'Hotton next,' is written beside it.
You found a clue!

Dig in the Hotton Orchard. Digging up the earth, you find yet another piece of wood, carved with the words 'In Chillton.' Beside the words is what looks like a fallen log.
You found a clue!

Dig on the log by Abigail's house. Digging through the snow, and in the dirt beneath the log, you uncover a dirty necklace.
You found an Emerald Necklace!
Go back to Loyada to complete the quest.
You completed the Hunt for the Emerald Necklace! You earned $15,000 and 300 quest points.

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