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You're probably saying "I don't want to look through all these posts!" Well, you don't have to! Just search what your looking for at the top of the page, something like "Golden Sheep Quest" or "Buried Treasure" and a post titled that should come up! If you have any questions, just comment on any of the posts.

Valentines Day Contest!

We have a pretty good idea of what we want to do... a contest! We haven't decided what kind of contest, but here are what the prizes will be:

1st place: A white Fell Pony, with complete set of English Tack, trained to 25exp, with a pink saddle pad AND, yes there's more, AND pink clothes AND a diamond necklace!

2nd place: A diamond necklace and a guinea pig!

3rd Place: a Pink Saddle Pad and strawberries!

We will talk about what kind of contest later...


flightglider said...


flightglider-roan server

WildHorseValley - Pinto said...

Hey, I didn't find any other way to contact you, so I figured I'd leave a message. I've been playing Horse Isle since May '07 and know the game pretty well. I was hoping you might add me to the blog staff - I'd happily write walkthroughs, interview well known players/mods, give tips, etc. I'll check the comments, and thanks!

Enilorac said...

Hey WildHorseValley,

How cool! I don't think there will be a way to do that, since we're very reluctant to open an email account because of viruses and such. Maybe we could have something where out fans write stories for the guide... I'll discuss it with An... You've given me a great idea!

Thanks for asking! We might be able to figure it out. I'll email An right now.

Your Friend,

An & En said...

hey, En. i just got your email! i think this is a great idea too... so ignore all the qs about WHV as i just found oput.. lol.MY MIIIIIIIND S CLLLLEEEEAR!!! *sings*

en, why dont we make an email so people cud email us about stuff like what they want us to post on.. and WHV could email us the posts she/he wants to post.. this is begining to sound like a good idea!! im so!

An & En said...

and plus she goes on pinto.