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You're probably saying "I don't want to look through all these posts!" Well, you don't have to! Just search what your looking for at the top of the page, something like "Golden Sheep Quest" or "Buried Treasure" and a post titled that should come up! If you have any questions, just comment on any of the posts.

Thank you!

Dear Readers

Thanks so much to you guys!! We have many many votes in the poll! Make sure to tell your friends about our website! Maybe you can start giving us ideas about what other stuff you want to see posted about! Comment on this post to give us ideas!

As you know, we are very close to Christmas, and my friend Aneleh is already on her holiday trip. I will only have acess to the internet for today, so I'l post alot today. I'll try to change the poll and update stuff before I get off!



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