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horse breed:icelandic

The Icelandic Horse is incredibly respected in its native country of Iceland. It is a small, gaited breed that came to Iceland with the Vikings over 1000 years ago. Normally raised outside with a herd and not trained until the age of four or five, the Icelandic Horse has a respect for humans and is spirited and sure-footed. It is a very versatile breed and even though it is small, it is strong enough to carry adults by the age of four.







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IceHorses said...

>>>The Icelandic Horse is incredibly respected in its native country of Iceland.<<<

I've always wondered if this statement is true or not. In Iceland, they eat the ponies; sometimes they are bred and raised for meat, sometimes they end up at the slaughter house because they are lame, or sometimes they end up as food because they are untrainable.

They use saddles that are too tight for many of the horses. And they lay heavy on the horse's mouth when riding. And maybe don't pay attention to why the horse is fighting the bit. Or put heavy shoes on to get the horse to gait.

I don't know if I would call that respect.

Seems like working *with* the horse, doing natural horsemanship, riding better, with less negative impact to the horse, would show respect.