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You're probably saying "I don't want to look through all these posts!" Well, you don't have to! Just search what your looking for at the top of the page, something like "Golden Sheep Quest" or "Buried Treasure" and a post titled that should come up! If you have any questions, just comment on any of the posts.

Contest #1

NEWBIES: This is for you! If you go on Dun or Roan, then you are eligible for this Newbie Starter Pack! If you win, you will receive 15k, a horse with 25exp, and a companion! We will also mail you weekly quest walkthroughs and other posts that haven't gone up on the website yet for 1 month! Yes, that's four weeks of EXCLUSIVENESS! All you have to do is comment your Username, How long you've been playing, what server you're on, and your reason for needing this and you could win! We will have a drawing for those who are chosen to go into the hat.

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